PoweHMS Information

Introducing the PowerHMS or Hospital Management System - Your Comprehensive Healthcare Solution! With universal accessibility on all browsers, iOS, and Android devices, including responsive desktop screens, HMS ensures seamless access for healthcare professionals. Operating on the cloud, it offers 24/7 availability, versioning, alerts, and modular implementation, providing the reliability and flexibility your institution needs. Robust security measures, including multi-factor authentication, customizable security policies, and DPA 2012 compliance, safeguard your sensitive data.

The system empowers data-driven decision-making through intuitive dashboards and offers innovative features such as tablet-based Nurse Charting, E-Signature capabilities, and seamless integration with M365 applications. Manage every facet of your hospital effortlessly with a comprehensive array of modules covering patient management, billing, laboratory services, and more.

Transform your healthcare facility with HMS, where innovation meets security, efficiency, and excellence in patient care. Experience the future of healthcare management and elevate your institution's capabilities with the Hospital Management System. Contact us today to discover how HMS can optimize your healthcare operations, streamline patient care, and ensure compliance with the highest security standards, revolutionizing the way you deliver healthcare services.


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